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Get to know us

Naked is a modern accounting and advisory firm that looks at this space through fluro-coloured shades. We’re a boutique group of experienced disruptors, innovators and trailblazers bringing a new point of view to a stale and tired space. It's accounting, but not how it used to be.


About Us

Who We Are

We are an accounting and advisory firm unlike any other. Like most firms, we are intelligent, reliable, and professional. Unlike most firms, we are creative, energetic, and passionate about helping our clients achieve their financial goals. We go further than some may care too, and we go where others wish they could. Yes, we are accountants, just not how they used to be.

Our Vision

Our clients can come to us for anything. Any problem or idea, financial or not, we are here for it. We are more than accountants, and our expertise extends beyond accounting and advisory services. We support our clients in every aspect of their life; not just their financials. 

What We Do

We look after every aspect of your business, with a focus on growth, longevity and protection. We offer a full spectrum of integrated accounting and advisory services, and utilise big-business experience and corporate strategies to improve your financial position. 

About Us


Our step-by-step process to seeing your nuts and bolts


Step 1 -

You have a business! Well, that’s a great start and we’re itching to jump into bed with you, but let’s play it cool ok! We haven’t gone on our first date yet, but we’re glad you’re here!


Step 2 -

We see you checking us out. Don’t worry, we’re checking you out too. Download our free guide – Naked Accounting - It's accounting, but not how it used to be! Let’s get acquainted.


Step 3 -

Looks like we’re both ready to connect, or at least see if we’re a match! Book your 100% free, one on one consultation with a Naked expert. Second base is a breeze.


Step 4 -

Are you ready for the hard, naked truth? We’re jumping in bed together and a naked consultant will strip it all back and analyse your business from top to bottom. We’re getting down to the nuts and bolts.


Step 5 -

Now that we’ve built some trust, it’s time to take this relationship to the next level. We propose a long-term arrangement where your nuts and bolts are looked after every month. In business, rusty nuts are a no-no, but with Naked in your bed full time, you’ll never have to worry.


Meet your Naked crew

Ok, so you’ve heard we’re a group of experienced disruptors, innovators, and trailblazers! But it’s time to pull back the sheets and get to know the team a little more intimately.

Join the Naked crew and get some friends with benefits!



Growth-focused, proactive accounting.

We're constantly thinking about your future, and making moves ahead of time that benefit your business.

We don't just get in your bed; we live in your pocket

Connect with us anytime, anywhere, through the Naked Accounting Client Studio App.

We will find your business's hidden weaknesses

We go deep, deep enough to uncover every little crack and blemish hiding in your business. 

About Us
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